About Our Practice

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Nourish House Calls: Our Story

Nourish House Calls started because Joya Van Der Laan wanted to care for patients differently. She wanted to help cure patients, not just mask their symptoms. And she wanted to make this convenient for patients by traveling to them. When she couldn’t find a practice like this in Chicagoland, she started her own in 2018.

What Makes Nourish House Calls Different?

We get it. You’re busy! But you still want top-notch, personalized care. So we make it as simple as possible to get the care you need. We can come to your home or office. We can have a virtual appointment. Or you can come to our office space in Downers Grove on Tuesdays or Thursday mornings.

And once we’re working together, we dive deep. No more short appointments followed by a prescription for a pill that only masks a symptom. We take the time to figure out the root causes of what ails you. Then we work with you on a plan to get you feeling and functioning better for the long term.

Request a free 15 minute phone consultation

My goal with this time is to gather some initial information about you and your goals, and for you to ask me questions about my skills and medical approach. I also find this a valuable tool to determine if my services and expertise are aligned with the health concerns you have. No diagnosis or medical advice may be given during this visit.


    When my health went haywire last year with autoimmune disease and hormone imbalance, Joya got me back on track and feeling better. Functional medicine looks at the body as a system that needs to work well as a whole – much more effective for overall health than what my piecemeal specialists are pushing! Joya is thorough, caring and refreshingly realistic.”

    – Patient