New Patients

Thanks for visiting - I'm eager to get started helping you!

I offer a free, one-time 15 minute phone consultation for new patients. My goal with this time is to gather some initial information about you and your goals, and for you to ask me questions about my skills and medical approach. I also find this a valuable tool to determine if my services and expertise are aligned with the health concerns you have. No diagnosis or medical advice may be given during this visit. Contact me today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Before your visit, I will ask you to fill out a rather lengthy questionnaire (on my portal), so that I can gather a lot of the information I’ll need from you ahead of time (that way we can maximize our time together!).

A typical visit, either at your home or at my office, usually starts off with a thorough history of review of your intake paperwork. I usually ask a lot of questions, many of which you haven’t been asked before at a doctor’s office. I want to dig deep and find out what is really causing your symptoms or illness(es). I always encourage questions from my patients as we go along if anything isn’t clear or if you think I’ve missed anything important. Remember, we’re a team!

I’ll often get your vitals and do a physical exam and identify concerns or abnormalities.

Then we might talk about what testing could be helpful, and together we can decide what’s necessary now and what might be necessary later. There are no surprises with test prices – I’ll go over test options including pricing, of any test I’m recommending. And don’t worry – I work within a variety of budgets.

After that, we might talk about lifestyle changes that could be made now, even before any test results come back, that could affect positive change in your health.

I like to schedule our follow up visit anywhere between a few weeks and a few months, depending on what you have going on. If we did any testing, I like to have another appointment once results are back to go over those with you and adjust or add to our plan. I’m available between visits for quick questions via email as well.

My visits are very casual – I want you to feel comfortable.


No one else has ever treated me with as much kindness and respect, or sough to help me in so many original and diverse ways as you have, all while propping me up emotionally and with such affection. You possess an innate sweetness and showed unconditional concern for me.”

– Tula