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    In 2000 I had a complete hysterectomy and was placed on pharmaceutical HRT. In 2011 I began experiencing severe hot flashes and night sweats. My doctor stated that I had been on the HRT for too long, took me off of it, offered me an antidepressant, which I refused. I was told that this was what my life was going to be like now and I would just have to “live with it.” After 7 years of unbearable symptoms, a trusted practitioner referred me to Joya, and I cannot say enough about how she has changed my life. Joya is a beautiful woman who obviously practices the healthy lifestyle she preaches. She took the most extensive health history I have ever had in my life. She listened with interest and compassion, and I felt heard. She developed a treatment plan that has been nothing short of a miracle. Her follow-ups have been extremely positive, encouraging, and motivating. When my referring practitioner asked how things were going, I told him that Joya had become an angel in my circle of care. I would highly recommend Joya to anyone suffering from hormonal imbalances.”

    – Sandy R., March 2019

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