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Cellular Level Repair

Regenerative & Longevity Medicine

Regenerative and Longevity Medicine focuses on repairing and rejuvenating the body at the most fundamental level – the cells. This approach encompasses a range of treatments aimed at restoring cellular health and function, which is crucial for injury repair, disease reversal, and overall health span.

At Nourish House Calls, we offer a number of regenerative options, including stem cell injection therapy (using either Wharton’s Jelly or purified amniotic fluid), stem cell IV therapy (using purified amniotic fluid), PRP injections, ozone, and more.

Regenerative Medicine

Through age, injury, and overuse, the body–including joints, skin, and even brain tissue–begins to deteriorate. Regenerative medicine like Stem Cell Therapy and PRP enhances the body’s ability to heal itself, leading to restoration of healthy cellular function and tissue integrity.

  • Reducing Inflammation

  • Regenerating Tissue

  • Regulating the Immune System

Longevity Medicine

Longevity medicine involves the prevention, early detection, and treatment of age-related diseases. By using cutting-edge, sophisticated testing and treatments, we can prevent the underlying causes of these diseases and improve quality of life in the present while slowing down the aging process, resulting in a longer and healthier lifespan.

  • Prevent and Treat Age-Related Diseases

  • Slow Down Biological Aging Process

  • Extend Health Span

Regenerative & Longevity Medicine

Cutting-Edge Treatments & Services

Our research-supported regenerative and longevity services are carefully selected to help your body heal tissue, prevent age-related disease, and slow down the biological aging process, all of which gives you the best chance to extend your healthy life span.

These signaling molecules increase the body’s own ability to heal itself, whether it’s a joint, the brain, the gut lining, or even mitochondria within our cells, peptides have broad-reaching regenerative benefits.

In addition to their regenerative contribution to longevity, certain peptides can bring back levels of hormone and other molecules that have declined with aging, bringing back function and vitality, and protecting against disease.

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Giving your body the right building blocks, decreasing inflammation, and modulating immunity so that your joints and tissues can heal once and for all.

Inflammation and immune response are closely tied to how our cells and our body ages. By modulating and optimizing those responses, we can slow and even reverse signs of aging.

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Giving your body the nutrients and cofactors it needs contributes to efficient cellular function and tissue repair, and also aids in proper epigenetic signaling.

Targeting cellular senescence and cellular energy production ensures the proper functioning of each and every cell in your body throughout its lifespan.

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Ozone therapy introduces a mild stressor that kicks our cells into regenerative and anti-oxidative mode, resulting in tissue healing and regeneration.

Because ozone shifts our cells into optimal performance mode, each cell is performing at its best, resulting in a whole body of optimally-functioning cells.

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Focused light from an MLS laser increases blood flow to the treated area, stimulates cells to regenerate and repair themselves, and decreases pain and inflammation.

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Introduce the body’s own concentrated healing factors to the treated area, while signaling the body to increase healing and regeneration in that tissue.

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For both men and women, when hormones start to decline with age, so does health and vitality. By using bioidentical hormones specially compounded for your body, you can get back to feeling like yourself in the short term, and decrease long-term risk of disease.

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    Video Series

    Learn about peptides, ozone therapy, and regenerative injections through our video series. Find more information in our Resource Library.


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    Patient Reviews

    Symptoms & Conditions We Treat

    Because Functional Medicine looks at the body as a whole, we are able to treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions with Regenerative and Longevity Medicine and Therapies. The list below includes what we treat most regularly.

    ADD & ADHD

    Conventional medicine prescribes stimulants and other medications. Functional Medicine looks at genetics, nutritional deficiencies, and imbalances in the digestive system.

    Anxiety / Depression / Mood Problems

    Conventional medicine prescribes antidepressants, sleeping pills, and therapy. Functional Medicine looks at genetics, nutritional deficiencies, imbalances in the digestive system, and lifestyle factors.


    Conventional medicine uses prescription anti-inflammatory and steroid medications, as well as surgeries (all with myriad side effects and risks). Functional Medicine looks for causes of inflammation and tissue degradation with specialized lab testing (blood, saliva, urine, and/or stool), and a deep dive into correcting and optimizing nutrition, sleep, and stress, along with regenerative options like Stem Cell Therapy.

    Asthma & Allergies

    Conventional medicine uses prescription inhalers, antihistamines, mast-cell stabilizers and more. Functional Medicine looks for root causes like food allergies/sensitivities, environmental exposures like mold, digestive imbalances, underlying causes of inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and more.


    Conventional medicine still really doesn’t quite know how to treat autism – we try many medications and therapies and hope something works. Functional Medicine takes each child as an individual, and tests and treats based on that child’s individual risk factors, including genetics, exposures, and general history.

    Autoimmune Illness

    Conventional medicine has a variety of medications that are used to treat different autoimmune conditions. Functional Medicine looks at digestive system imbalances, lifestyle factors (including nutrition, stress, sleep), environmental factors (like mold and heavy metals) and aims to resolve possible root causes to reverse autoimmunity.

    Brain Fog

    Conventional medicine has a hard time treating brain fog – often it’s a combination of prescriptions that mask symptoms but don’t reverse the issue. Functional Medicine seeks to find the root causes of brain fog like nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities/allergies, hormonal imbalances, heavy metal toxicity, mitochondrial dysfunction, and beyond.

    Cardiovascular Disease + Hypertension

    Conventional medicine uses a wide variety of medications and surgeries/procedures to manage, and sometimes prescribes “diet and exercise.” Functional Medicine looks at more in-depth testing of inflammation levels, highly detailed and specialized cholesterol testing, genetics, and many lifestyle factors in order to reverse disease.

    Chronic Fatigue

    Conventional medicine has a hard time treating chronic fatigue. Functional Medicine uses the patient’s detailed history and may order specialized testing to determine what is causing the chronic fatigue. The Functional Medicine approach often feels like solving a mystery, spending time to identify the many clues.


    Conventional medicine treats diabetes using a wide variety of life-long medications and sometimes “diet and exercise.” The Functional Medicine approach is to correct the problems that led to a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis in the first place, and reverse it completely with individualized education and guidance on lifestyle changes.

    Eczema + Chronic Skin Issues

    Conventional medicine uses a variety of creams and sometimes oral medications. Functional Medicine understands that the digestive system is often the root cause for any skin issues, and treatment is focused on resolving those imbalances to solve (rather than just manage) the issue.

    Food Allergies

    Conventional medicine typically uses an avoidance treatment approach for allergies, but often does not recognize the significance of food sensitivities. Functional Medicine understands that digestive system dysfunction is often at the root of food sensitivities, and so while avoidance is used while healing is taking place, often the patient can return to eating a wider variety of foods as treatment progresses.

    Gastrointestinal Disorders

    Conventional medicine uses a variety of both short- and long-term medications to manage symptoms of IBS or reflux/GERD, and performs colonoscopies or endoscopies that frequently do not identify the cause of the issue. Functional Medicine has access to specialized comprehensive testing that identifies problems that lead to more curative treatments.

    Gluten Intolerance + Celiac Disease

    Conventional medicine has gotten better at recognizing and managing these, but Functional Medicine adds the benefit of addressing associated issues like inflammation and other GI symptoms, plus a Functional Medicine provider is typically going to provide more in-depth education on managing diet and other lifestyle factors.

    Heavy Metal + Environmental Toxicity

    Conventional medicine often does not recognize these to be an issue until an alarm level is reached. Functional Medicine providers will often screen for toxicity and be able to find and treat patients whose levels–while not yet sounding an alarm–are contributing to symptoms and will contribute to various problems in the future.

    High Cholesterol

    Conventional medicine uses prescription medications to lower cholesterol, sometimes also mentioning diet and exercise, but not really providing thorough guidance on what that actually means. Functional Medicine looks at a much more in-depth cholesterol panel and focuses on potential underlying issues like liver function, diet, and genetics in order to uncover and treat the root causes of high cholesterol.

    Hormone Imbalance

    Conventional medicine often shies away from testing for or treating hormone imbalances because of unfounded concerns that hormone therapy is associated with an increased risk of cancer. Often, women are just put on birth control for any kind of suspected reproductive or hormonal concerns. Men are often told their labs are “normal,” and no treatment is offered. Functional Medicine aims to optimize hormone levels for each individual and will be treated with a well-rounded approach, including diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, supplements, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

    Leaky Gut

    Conventional medicine providers often will not acknowledge that this exists (even though there is plenty of peer-reviewed research on “increased intestinal permeability” (IIP)). Functional Medicine providers will more comprehensively understand and test for issues with IIP, and understand that leaky gut is likely a contributing factor to other symptoms and diseases, including eczema, ADHD, autism, headaches, brain fog, fatigue, food sensitivities, and more. A Functional Medicine approach works at healing leaky gut, which results in resolution of other symptoms and diseases.

    Ligament / Tendon Injury

    Conventional medicine uses NSAIDs, steroids, injections, and surgery. Both Conventional medicine and Functional Medicine employ physical therapy and other manual therapy techniques. Unlike conventional medicine, Functional Medicine looks deeply at risk factors for why the injury may have happened, and aims to use the body’s resources to heal the injuries–this usually includes targeted nutritional guidance and supplements, and can also involve Stem Cell Therapy to enhance healing.


    Conventional medicine typically will look for a root cause of inflammation and then use immune modifying drugs, NSAIDS, steroids, or other medications (depending on the cause) to decrease inflammation. Functional medicine takes a more thorough look at many possible root causes and then works to solve the root causes rather than just mask the symptoms of inflammation.


    Conventional medicine uses synthetic hormones in non-individualizable dose forms (if they prescribe hormones at all). Often, women are told to just deal with the symptoms or are prescribed antidepressants and sleeping pills to pacify them. Functional Medicine replaces hormones with customized dosing and follows hormone levels and metabolites over time to ensure safe and effective hormone optimization therapy. Functional Medicne also guides patients on various lifestyle changes that will optimize hormone levels.

    Menstrual Irregularities

    Conventional medicine commonly uses birth control pills to control menstrual irregularities. Functional Medicine uses sophisticated testing and patient history to determine why the patient is having these symptoms and then sets out to resolve the root causes with nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and more.

    Mold + Mycotoxin

    Conventional medicine does not typically recognize mold or mycotoxin illness, and if they do, they often don’t know how to treat it. Functional Medicine has sophisticated tests available, and then can direct treatment towards supporting the body’s detoxification systems to eliminate the mold from the body, and also guide the patient on eliminating outside sources of mold.

    Pain Conditions

    Conventional medicine typically uses prescribed and over-the-counter medications to mask the pain, along with physical therapy, surgeries, and steroid injections. Functional Medicine aims to find and treat root causes of pain, provides guidance on mindset and stress management for pain, and offers many healing and regenerative options like Stem Cell Therapy for pain resolution and tissue repair to get rid of the pain for good.

    Post-COVID Symptoms

    Conventional medicine is starting to learn how to treat this, but it’s often with antidepressants or other prescriptions for an indefinite period of time. The Functional Medicine approach requires understanding the complexity of this virus’ effect on many body systems, and takes a targeted approach to treatment based on the newest available research. Patients often don’t find relief until they address their symptoms with a Functional Medicine provider.

    Sleep Disturbances + Insomnia

    Conventional medicine typically uses indefinitely prescribed sleeping pills or antidepressants. Functional Medicine uncovers possible underlying causes like hormone and cortisol/adrenal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, and neurotransmitter imbalances, and resolves these causes so that each patient experiences restorative sleep.

    Thyroid Disorders

    Conventional medicine typically uses levothyroxine (Synthroid, T4) alone to treat hypothyroidism, and uses bare-bones thyroid testing. Functional Medicine uses more comprehensive testing to determine even borderline hypothyroidism and often will use thyroid replacement, including T3 (active thyroid hormone) and T4, along with individualized nutrition, supplementation, sleep, and stress management strategies.

    Weight Loss

    Conventional medicine uses a variety of medications and standard lifestyle changes to elicit weight loss in morbidly obese patients, while patients wanting to lose 10-30 pounds are often left untreated. Functional Medicine guides each patient to achieve balance with individualized attention to factors like nutrition, sleep, exercise, hormones, and cortisol. Functional Medicine providers also employ cutting-edge treatments like peptides and other specialized treatments to aid in weight loss.

    Patient Success Story

    Using specialized testing, we can create a data-driven, personalized treatment plan for each patient. The plan can include peptides, supplements, IV therapy, NAD+, and lifestyle modifications (e.g., sleep, stress management, diet, exercise, and removing toxic items from their household). Dialing in on your individual needs allows us to pull the right levers to dramatically improve your healthspan.

    “Having the knowledge and ability to expertly use Longevity and Regenerative treatments in my practice has opened up a whole new world of ways that I’m able to help my patients thrive.”

    Treating Practitioner

    Joya Van Der Laan, MSN, FNP-BC

    Challenge: A 42-year-old woman wanted to make sure she was making choices about her health that would optimize her health span and longevity, maintain her energy and vitality, and decrease the risk of developing diseases as her chronological age increased.

    Solution/Success: TruAge testing showed that with her history of good (but not perfect!) diet and lifestyle choices, peptide treatments, and periodic NAD+ and nutritional IV therapy her various biological age markers had her ranging between 33 and 39 years old instead of 42, and her rate of aging at this point is 0.75 years for every one calendar year.

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