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Membership Plans

A strong partnership with the right healthcare provider significantly enhances your well-being. Membership ensures regular, unhurried consultations, focusing on personalized care rather than the constraints of traditional fee-for-service models. With clear pricing, you can concentrate on your health and tailored treatment plan without worrying about the cost of each visit.

*Membership is not required for Individual Services (e.g., Stem Cell Therapy, IV Therapy, Ozone Therapy, IV Chelation, MLS Laser Therapy, or Trigger Point Injections).

Can I use FHA/HSA funds to pay for the membership?

Yes, our services are designed to be eligible medical expenses and, therefore, FSA/HSA eligible. But you should confirm this with your tax expert or plan administrator.

Is membership covered by insurance?

Nourish does not participate in any health insurance plan and has opted out of Medicare plans. We do not submit insurance claims, but if you want to submit to your insurance carrier for out-of-network benefits, we will gladly provide you with a superbill. While Nourish can see patients with Medicare plans, we cannot provide superbills for reimbursement from Medicare.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You may cancel your Maintenance or Signature membership at any time and will not be charged any further monthly fees. Given the nature of personalized care, refunds are not available.

Membership Benefits

Members receive exclusive access to functional medicine care through Nourish House Calls, nutritional IV therapy over the course of the membership year, and discounts on Stem Cell Therapy, laser therapy, and other Nourish services.

For more detailed information on the Executive Longevity Blueprint, click here.




60-minute functional medicine visits per year



discount on additional functional medicine and additional services



nutritional IV infusions per year
(members outside of house calls area will receive comparable oral supplements)



“quickie” phone calls with provider

no visit required for lab orders or prescription renewals
(after initial appointment)



discount on supplements ordered through Fullscript

wholesale pricing on specialty labs (when available)

unlimited messaging with provider through secure portal

after-hours access to provider for urgent issues

50% Family Member Discount

When you’re a Signature or Maintenance member, everyone who lives in your house can become a member (at your membership level or below) for 50% off. Their discount lasts throughout your entire membership.


Patient Reviews

Membership Process

Your Roadmap to Wellness

From your free 15-minute discovery call through your ongoing care, Nourish House Calls sees you as an individual. We work with you to develop and help you execute a personalized treatment plan designed to optimize your health and longevity.

  • Free 15-Min Discovery Call

    Purpose: A no-cost session to introduce our practice and understand your specific health concerns.

    Process: We discuss your health goals and provide an overview of our approach.

    Note: This step is crucial for aligning expectations and ensuring our services match your needs.

  • Initial Appointment

    Comprehensive Assessment: During this 90-minute meeting, we gather in-depth information about your health history, current conditions, and lifestyle. You’ll leave with a preliminary plan to get you started on making important lifestyle changes.

    Testing Decisions: Based on your unique profile, we’ll identify necessary tests to uncover underlying health issues, so that we can personalize your plan even further.

    Personalization: Tailored to address the specific concerns of both Functional Medicine seekers and longevity enthusiasts.

    Financial Aspect: The cost for this initial appointment is $425, an investment that is applied toward your chosen membership plan, ensuring continuity and value in your healthcare journey.

  • Comprehensive Testing

    Purpose: To conduct thorough and targeted tests based on the initial appointment findings.

    Detail: Tests might include blood panels, hormone profiles, and other advanced diagnostics to ensure a complete understanding of your health status.

    Financial Aspect: Some, but not all testing may be covered by insurance. We will discuss the cost of recommended tests with you before ordering.

    Note: This step is vital for both Functional Medicine and longevity-focused patients, as it provides critical insights for personalized treatment plans.

  • Test Results & Comprehensive Plan

    Results Discussion: A follow-up appointment to review test outcomes and explain their implications.

    Personalized Health Plan: Crafting a customized plan addressing both immediate concerns and long-term health objectives.

    Membership Selection: Choosing the right membership level that best suits your health journey and offers the most value. The $425 paid for your initial appointment is credited toward your chosen membership plan, providing value from the outset.

    Note: This step ensures you receive the most suitable and cost-effective package, whether your focus is on long-term wellness, managing a specific health condition, or enhancing your longevity.

  • Ongoing Care and Access

    Regular Monitoring: Continuously tracking your progress and adjusting the plan as needed.

    Regular Support: Multiple appointments each year to ensure consistent, individualized care.

    Membership Benefits: Depending on your selected package, you will have access to regular medical visits, IV nutrition therapy, and more comprehensive, cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

Schedule Free 15-Min Discovery Call

Start with a complimentary 15-minute discovery call to explore how our personalized approach aligns with your health goals. During the call, we learn about you and your wellness goals while you have the opportunity to inquire about our expertise and approach to medicine.