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Patient Success Stories

We know that choosing your healthcare provider is an important decision, so we share patient stories to give you a clearer picture of Nourish House Calls. They reflect our dedication to providing consistent, attentive, and effective healthcare, tailored to each individual’s journey towards improved health.

Pain Management

Challenge: A 79-year-old diabetic smoker suffered from severe lower back and nerve pain in her legs, compounded by multiple amputations and insufficient pain relief from medications.

Solution/Success: An IV infusion of purified amniotic fluid led to a dramatic decrease in pain within 24 hours. The patient’s energy levels improved, enabling her to be more active at home and run errands. Circulation to her hands and feet was improved, and she was able to decrease her pain medication dosing by 50%.

*Image for illustrative purposes only, not an actual patient.

Gut Health

Challenge: For over ten years, a patient battled unexplained reflux and abdominal pain, with no accurate diagnosis or effective treatment from previous providers.

Solution/Success: Through stool test analysis, Nourish recommended targeted dietary changes, and specific supplementation. This approach successfully resolved the reflux and abdominal pain, with no recurrence post-treatment.

Hormone Balancing

Challenge: A 60-year-old female faced hot flashes, poor sleep, mild depression, inability to focus, and eczema, feeling unlike herself.

Solution/Success: Hormonal and gut health testing revealed the root causes. Nourish prescribed bioidentical hormones and recommended key supplements and nutritional adjustments. Within three months,, her hot flashes ceased, her sleep quality improved by 95%, and her eczema cleared. As a result, she regained her joy in life, including spending quality time with her grandchildren.


Challenge: A 42-year-old woman wanted to make sure she was making choices about her health that would optimize her health span and longevity, maintain her energy and vitality, and decrease the risk of developing diseases as her chronological age increased.

Solution/Success: TruAge testing showed that with her history of good (but not perfect!) diet and lifestyle choices, peptide treatments, and periodic NAD+ and nutritional IV therapy her various biological age markers had her ranging between 33 and 39 years old instead of 42, and her rate of aging at this point is 0.75 years for every one calendar year.

Stem Cell Therapy

Challenge: A 39-year-old woman with shoulder pain (MRI showed a torn labrum – “SLAP tear”) that did not improve with 12 weeks of physical therapy and cortisone injections. Surgery was the only treatment offered by the orthopedic doctor.

Solution/Success: She received one injection of Wharton’s Jelly product into the shoulder joint and into the surrounding rotator cuff muscles. She restarted physical therapy and within three months, shoulder pain and mobility was at least 50% improved. At last check-in (8 months post-injection), her shoulder was continuing to improve both in pain and mobility.

*Disclaimer: Please note that the images accompanying our patient success stories are for illustrative purposes only. They do not depict the actual individuals who have shared their experiences with us. These images are intended to enhance the storytelling and help bring these success stories to life. We are committed to protecting our patients’ privacy and confidentiality, hence the use of representative visuals.


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