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What to Expect

Discover how we approach your healthcare and the steps to becoming a new patient at Nourish House Calls.

Our approach is designed to be transparent, personal, and thorough, ensuring you receive care that’s truly aligned with your health needs.

  • Discovery Call: A complimentary 15-minute session to introduce you to our practice and understand your health concerns.

  • Initial Appointment: A comprehensive consultation to gather detailed information about your health history and current conditions, determine necessary tests, and start on a preliminary treatment plan.

  • Test Results and Plan Formation: Discussing results, crafting a personalized health plan, and choosing the most suitable membership package.

  • Ongoing Care and Access: Regular monitoring of your health progress and direct access to healthcare support based on your chosen membership.

  • The Membership Advantage: Enjoy the benefits of a membership model, including thorough and unhurried medical visits, IV nutrition therapy options, and a closer, more investigative approach to your healthcare. Members also enjoy discounts on supplements and additional Nourish House Calls services.


Patient Reviews

Membership Process

Your Roadmap to Wellness

From your free 15-minute discovery call through your ongoing care, Nourish House Calls sees you as an individual. We work with you to develop and help you execute a personalized treatment plan designed to optimize your health and longevity.

Free 15-Min Discovery Call

Purpose: A no-cost session to introduce our practice and understand your specific health concerns.

Process: We discuss your health goals and provide an overview of our approach.

Note: This step is crucial for aligning expectations and ensuring our services match your needs.

Initial Appointment

Comprehensive Assessment: During this 90-minute meeting, we gather in-depth information about your health history, current conditions, and lifestyle. You’ll leave with a preliminary plan to get you started on making important lifestyle changes.

Testing Decisions: Based on your unique profile, we’ll identify necessary tests to uncover underlying health issues, so that we can personalize your plan even further.

Personalization: Tailored to address the specific concerns of both Functional Medicine seekers and longevity enthusiasts.

Financial Aspect: The cost for this initial appointment is $425, an investment that is applied toward your chosen membership plan, ensuring continuity and value in your healthcare journey.

Comprehensive Testing

Purpose: To conduct thorough and targeted tests based on the initial appointment findings.

Detail: Tests might include blood panels, hormone profiles, and other advanced diagnostics to ensure a complete understanding of your health status.

Financial Aspect: Some, but not all testing may be covered by insurance. We will discuss the cost of recommended tests with you before ordering.

Note: This step is vital for both Functional Medicine and longevity-focused patients, as it provides critical insights for personalized treatment plans.

Test Results & Comprehensive Plan

Results Discussion: A follow-up appointment to review test outcomes and explain their implications.

Personalized Health Plan: Crafting a customized plan addressing both immediate concerns and long-term health objectives.

Membership Selection: Choosing the right membership level that best suits your health journey and offers the most value. The $425 paid for your initial appointment is credited toward your chosen membership plan, providing value from the outset.

Note: This step ensures you receive the most suitable and cost-effective package, whether your focus is on long-term wellness, managing a specific health condition, or enhancing your longevity.

Ongoing Care and Access

Regular Monitoring: Continuously tracking your progress and adjusting the plan as needed.

Regular Support: Multiple appointments each year to ensure consistent, individualized care.

Membership Benefits: Depending on your selected package, you will have access to regular medical visits, IV nutrition therapy, and more comprehensive, cutting-edge healthcare solutions.