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Functional & Longevity Medicine

Transform your health and life with personalized, cutting-edge healthcare— direct to you.

Whether in our office, at your home or office, or via telehealth, we blend personalized functional medicine with innovative longevity treatments. Our approach deeply explores and addresses the root causes of your health issues, ensuring effective, measurable results and an enhanced quality of life. Committed to clear communication and impactful health improvements, we provide a substantial return on your health investment in the most convenient setting for you.

  • Office Visits

  • House (or Office) Calls

  • Tele-Health

Joya Van Der Laan, MSN, FNP-BC  | Founder & Lead Practitioner

Led by seasoned Family Nurse Practitioner Joya Van Der Laan, our approach combines Conventional and Functional Medicine expertise. Joya’s extensive knowledge and commitment to continuous learning enable personalized care plans tailored to each patient’s unique health goals.

About Us

Deeply committed to uncovering the root causes of health issues.

Our approach melds the best of both worlds – the familiar aspects of Conventional Medicine and the deeper, more personalized touch of Functional Medicine.

Our commitment extends to integrating cutting-edge therapies and data-driven health plans, ensuring each patient receives the most advanced, tailored care available. We focus on uncovering root causes of health issues, using the latest scientific insights to guide our treatments and help you achieve optimal well-being.

Functional Medicine Meets
Regenerative & Longevity Medicine

Functional Medicine melds beautifully with Regenerative & Longevity Medicine. These complementary approaches each work with the body to aid in healing, often without surgery or unnecessary chemical prescriptions. Identifying and treating root causes, helping the body regenerate tissue, and improving cellular function work together to improve quality of life now and extend healthy lifespan.

  • House, Office, or Virtual Visits

  • 90-Minute Initial Appointment

  • Personalized Health Roadmap

  • In-depth Care / Attentive Clinicians

  • Health Education

  • Cutting Edge Treatments

  • Therapies Backed by Science

  • Customized Medicine


    Limited Cohort Program

    An exclusive, year-long health optimization program designed for individuals seeking an unparalleled level of personalized healthcare. With space limited to small cohorts, this program offers intensive and comprehensive health management, combining advanced Functional and Longevity Medicine. 

    • Slow the aging process.

    • Rejuvenate your body at the cellular level.

    • Enhance your lifespan.

    * Early enrollment BONUS includes Oura Ring, Fitness Membership & App, and Continuous Glucose Monitors