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Beyond Medication: Discovering Portable, Non-Drug Pain Relief with MLS Laser Therapy

January 15, 2019

Explore Non-Drug Treatment Options for Pain: MLS Laser Therapy

If you’re suffering from acute or chronic pain, there is a non-drug treatment option that is effective, painless, and affordable. And through Nourish House Calls, the treatment is also portable.

My Journey From Traditional Pain Management to MLS Laser Therapy

Before starting my own practice, I treated patients with chronic pain for more than 6 years. I prescribed the typical medications for pain and all the related conditions – opioids, benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, sleeping pills, sedatives, nerve pain medications, and more. I also saw all the side effects from these medications – both short- and long-term side effects, mild and severe – everything from constipation to nausea, sedation to brain fog, osteoporosis to low testosterone, and even severe dental problems like crumbling teeth. This doesn’t even consider their financial expense!

The Limitations of Traditional Pain Medications

While these medications have their place and time for responsible use, they do not solve the underlying problems of chronic pain. In fact, many patients experience what’s called “opioid-induced hyperalgesia,” defined as “increased nociceptive sensitization caused by exposure to opioids,” or more simply put, “worse pain caused by opioids.”

Introducing MLS Laser Therapy: A Game Changer in Pain Relief

It’s so sad – the very medications that are supposed to be decreasing pain can actually make it worse. These medications helped my patients manage and function better for a time, but what was the long-term expectation? There are certainly cases where long-term opioid therapy may be necessary, absolutely. But, patients usually don’t want to be on pain pills long-term. And they experience really bothersome side effects. What if there was a treatment with no side effects that is painless to experience, that could enable patients to decrease or even discontinue these medications?

This is where the MLS laser fits in so beautifully with the current “opioid crisis” we’re experiencing. The MLS laser blocks the nociceptors, thereby blocking pain stimulus and therefore pain sensation. It has the additional benefit of healing tissue at the same time. So not only is pain relieved, the cause of the pain is being healed at the same time. And because the MLS laser penetrates 2 inches into the tissue (other lasers penetrate only a fraction of an inch), it can reach tissues that other lasers can’t. Other lasers are able to treat pain or inflammation to a degree, but they can’t treat both. The MLS laser does all of this with no side effects.

Why Choose MLS Laser Therapy for Your Pain Management?

So whether you’re in pain or have inflammation or a wound that needs healing, I would urge you to consider MLS laser therapy. It’s painless, effective, and affordable.

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