MLS Laser vs. Diabetic Foot Wound

I recently started seeing a patient who had the front half of his right foot amputated due to complications of diabetes. Blood flow to his cold feet was impaired. Doctors had even placed stents in his leg in an attempt to help the blood get through better. He ended up having a relatively minor amputation (a couple of toes) in April 2018, and then a much more significant amputation (the entire forefoot) with a huge external fixator or “cage” around his foot and leg to stabilize the bones, in August 2018 due to lack of healing and continued infection and other problems. Not surprisingly his large open foot wound from the latest surgery was not healing well, leaving him immobile, in pain, at risk for infection, confined to his home and bed, and unable to work. Additionally, the external fixator was attached to his leg by screws into his bones, causing significant pain both while it was on and after its  removal. While he tried to make the best of this very difficult situation, it would be hard on anyone – physically, mentally, emotionally – so he and his fiancé sought out solutions to speed healing of the wound.

Enter the MLS Laser. I started treating his wound on October 29, 2018. Since then the wound healing has been near miraculous (I’ll post pictures below at the bottom of this post, but be aware: they are graphic).  I have seen amazing results with this laser, and have heard about many more through my colleagues who are using MLS lasers. But even I couldn’t believe the speed of healing and the degree to which we were seeing improvements – the wound bed was more vascular and healthy-looking, the gaping wound was shrinking, the tissue around the wound looked much healthier, his pain was significantly decreased (gone many days), the whole foot was warmer with better blood flow (especially when compared to the palpably much colder left foot). He has now been able to start walking around his house, go downstairs to prepare meals for himself, and even start driving again. He is slowly getting his life back!

That’s what this laser can do – for wounds, for pain, for inflammation, and more.

For more information, you can visit, YouTube,  Contact me directly (, peruse the MLS laser section on my website for more information.

His foot kept on getting worse, leading to a more extreme amputation.
Since starting laser treatment, his podiatrist and surgeon are thrilled with the speed and degree of healing he’s seeing, especially in a diabetic patient.
**These pictures are used anonymously, but with the consent of this patient**

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